Welcome to the Gay Voyageur tourist guides : more than 300 LGBT tourist guides from all over the world. Advertisers and travellers, you will discover below some practical information related to the spirit and operation of this site.

Le Gay Voyageur is a site intended for travelers from the gay and lesbian community and for owners of establishments which provide a minimum of welcome to homosexual travellers. We don’t ask ourselves the question « should we travel gay friendly? » « . We simply say to ourselves “I want to be able to travel and live my gayness quietly” in safe destinations.

Gay Voyageur's Danny KronstromWe created these gay travel guides like a gay travel agency, so your gay vacation won’t be ruined by poor hospitality. You will therefore find on these travel guides, addresses of accommodation (hotels, lodges, gay bed and breakfasts, motels, bed & breakfasts, campsites and other types of rentals) ensuring a non-discriminatory welcome for travelers from the gay & lesbian community. . The Gay Voyageur advertisers undertake to respond as quickly and as best as possible to the requests of Internet users. But above all, they are committed to a professional, respectful and warm welcome.

Le Gay Voyageur is a leader in local and international research in the field of gay friendly tourism . The site has become the destination of choice for tourists looking for gay friendly shops and establishments here or elsewhere. Users who visit Gay Voyageur will find a list of gay establishments and businesses, an incredible selection of information on gay-friendly destinations and general tourist guides.

Of course, the Gay Voyageur does not stop at the most important French-speaking gay guide in the world! It is also a gay media in the field of tourism. By offering many tourist news every day, our journalists posted all over the world report in real time up-to-date and regular content.

Partners of the Gay Voyageur

Le Gay Voyageur also offers a strength with its network by offering two complementary sites in foreign languages:

Since its foundation in 2014, Gay Voyageur has been focusing on the educational aspect by offering its visitors numerous information texts in the gay friendly tourism field. These texts serve as much for curious people wishing to learn a little more about the field of LGBT tourism, as for students and professionals.

This is why the Gay Voyageur responds so much to the needs of travelers and advertisers. By bringing together the experience of a dynamic team present in the four corners of the globe, the Gay Voyageur offers an opportunity for effective visibility for merchants who are openly gay friendly.

Touristically Gay today…

Homosexual tourism

Gay Voyageur was founded in 2014 by Danny Kronstrom . This project surprised more than one and quickly established itself on the gay friendly web market. He is also the former founder of the popular travel guide Touristiquement Gay .

Having become over time an essential gay portal on the Web, it is consequently an essential source of information for gay and lesbian tourists throughout the world. Nowadays, few French-speaking sites of international stature offer so much information on LGBT destinations. Le Gay Voyageur is today the most important French-speaking gay guide on the Web.

Awards and Recognition

In 2011, the Gay Chamber of Commerce of Quebec awarded the Business of the Year award to Danny Kronstrom for his commitment to LGBT tourism.